Team Consulting

"Marla has been a complete gamechanger for us!"

Combine Marla Townsend's passion for helping others with her journey in collegiate athletics and you've got a very powerful package that can benefit your team or business. If you want to take your game to the next level or achieve more in the workplace, keep reading...

Working with Marla will help you and your team to:

  • Establish Core Covenants
  • Understand Keys to Success
  • Implement Proven Goal Setting Methods
  • Establish Routines for Success
  • Improve Communication
  • Build Perspective

Athletic teams will receive additional training on how to:

  • Improve Your Championship Culture
  • Develop and Strengthen Leadership Skills
  • Slow the Game Down
  • Train Visual Components of the Game
  • Plan and Manage Efficient Practices

*Your leadership team will also have access to Marla Townsend via e-mail, text, and phone.

*There are only 2 spots remaining. Secure your spot now!

*This is only for teams/businesses who are serious about doing what it takes to maximize their performance and reach their potential.

There are three options available for you to get started:

Option 1

One 4 Hour Session

(1 Hour with Leadership Team and 3 Hours with Team)

Option 2

Two 4 Hour Sessions

(Two 1 Hour Sessions with Leadership Team + Two 3 Hour Sessions with Team)

Option 3 [VIP]

Three 4 Hour Sessions

(Three 1 Hour Sessions with Leadership Team and Three 3 Hour Sessions with Team)

Spots Remaining
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