Open The Gate

Have you ever wanted something so bad but when you finally got it you started taking it for granted? For three decades I have continuously instilled in my student-athletes the importance of working hard to fulfill your dreams as well as always keeping things in perspective.

Last week I caught myself having unusually negative thoughts about getting out of my car in the rain to open the gate which is the only access to my fifty acres. Then I had an “ah-ha” moment…as I thought to myself I soon realized that this land is something I have dreamed about all of my life and I now own it.

How blessed am I?

Yes, it would require me stopping the car, getting out in the dark and wet weather. Yuck…

Let’s go!

My head looked up, my chest went out and I proudly swaggered to the gate. This is MY land!

After all, when I finally purchased the land of my dreams I knew that it would be hard work and very demanding. I always longed to have a gate to keep my horses safe and to keep my property secure.

You see, so many times in life we daydream about getting what we want…

  • marriage
  • to play on a certain team
  • to get to attend college
  • to earn a starting role
  • a car of our own
  • a house

Often as we obtain these dreams they soon turn into an inconvenience. Surely not! Not something we have wanted so badly and would do anything to get.
Are we willing to work to make a marriage successful?
Are we willing to have the work ethic that allows us to reach our athletic goals?
Are we willing to maintain our car/house and keep it in working order?

The answer is YES!

Step back and realize where you are in life.

Appreciate what you have. Keep things in perspective.