There Are Reasons That Things Happen (as opposed to the saying “everything happens for a reason”)!

I often hear the phrase “everything happens for a reason” and cringe! NO!!! BUT there are always reasons that things happen! We have freedom to make choices and decision every day.  Choices, whether by us or others, cause things to happen…some good things, some bad things, and unfortunately some tragic things.

I can’t get the family that just lost three precious children due to an early morning accident while crossing the road…like they do every weekday…to load the bus for a fun filled day at their elementary school. A 24 year old driver failed to obey the law by not noticing the flashing lights and the stop arm on the school bus. This event did NOT happen for a reason! BUT there were several reasons this happened. (See tragic article here.)

Here are so many unthinkable reasons that this tragic event might have occurred…


Mobile Phone – Texting, looking at social media, checking weather, making a call?

Medical emergency?

Blinded by the sun?

We may never know the reasons. I know we will never understand!  But what I do know is that in a split second many, many lives were forever changed.  These three precious children (and another child who was injured) should be playing freeze tag and doing homework.  A woman who is the children’s director at a local church should be getting hugs from those kids she loves and who look up to her. Not getting her mug shot made.

Snap your fingers.

That is how fast things can change. Often for the good but in this case it was such a costly mistake that cannot be changed. No “do-overs”.

Understand that there are so many times where people do the right thing and it goes unnoticed.

Think about it.

At work/school when you do everything you are expected to do, it may go without praise.  BUT the second you don’t complete an assigned task, you are reprimanded.

On the ballfield, you successfully make 98% of your fielding attempts and then the first time you make an error, you hear the crowd saying “take her/him out”!

Driving…you can go the speed limit the majority of the time and then out of nowhere you see the blue lights, the one time you speed (or so you say).

WE are all held to a standard of excellence in every aspect of life and hopefully you hold yourself to a high standard as well.

Do the right thing! Do the right thing because that is who you are, not to be recognized by others!

Here’s a clip from a recent interview I did:

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