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"WOW! Marla delivered an incredibly inspiring and powerful keynote at our convention."

Marla Townsend is quickly becoming a very highly sought after speaker for teams and organizations across the country. Her invaluable experiences and powerful message on leadership, team building, character development, and mindset will bring great value to your audience.

Marla's most popular keynotes include:

  • Ready…Set…LIVE

    What is next?  What inspires you?  Remember that vision that you may have lost sight of, but have not forgotten?  Together we take a look at this journey called LIFE and how to develop a consistent routine that will point you toward your vision and reaching your goals in life!

  • Aspire and Inspire

    Do you desire to be successful or accomplish a goal? Do you have the potential to light a fire in others? Your daily actions can motivate you and others to accomplish their goals and desires. One who aspires to inspire can help others overcome limitations and help them see what they can do and who they can become... To inspire yourself is great but to inspire others is even better!

  • Things to Remember…to LIVE without Regret!

    Are you content? Do you feel stuck?  Do you want more?  Marla addresses how to live life to the fullest and strive for excellence in your daily walk.

  • 4 LIFE Goals Everyone Should Have

    Have you ever wondered why you are not reaching your goals?  You truly work hard for a few days and then coast for a day…  Together we take a look at 'Keys To Success In Life' and how to apply these keys/goals to your everyday routine.

  • YOU Be YOU

    Who do you think that you are? Who do your closest friends say that you are?  Marla helps you look at who you truly are as a person.  Through encouragement and motivation, she helps you realize how special you are...  Being unique is a wonderful thing!

  • Perspective…It’s My Decision

    Marla touches on common struggles we all face in our personal and professional life and how our perspective plays a huge role in how we face those challenges!

  • Together We Can!

    Marla will address the importance of people in your life, the people who you spend the most time with, and how they influence your decision and choices.

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