So You Want To Be Successful?

Interesting.  Motivating.  Challenging.

As I look around and study people, I want to know…

What is it about them that has made them successful?

What do they have that others need?

How can I help others to lead a successful life?

I want to know!

It seems as if successful people always surround themselves with positive people. As I look at the people they associate with I quickly understand.  They are a product of the people they spend the most time with.  That makes me want to evaluate the people in my life.  Is there someone I need to separate myself from?  That would be really hard but I want to align my life to be one of success, not only for me but for my children’s sake.  Yes, the people around you matter!

I also started to notice people that I did not necessarily consider to be successful and one of the first reasons I had those thoughts was because they had a hard time telling the truth.  Yes, it is so obvious to me that they lie to themselves daily and those lies soon flow over to those that they care about.  Then, it started to make sense.  The people that I respected and considered them to be successful always told the truth.

Seriously, could a small white lie make such a difference?  Yes, it does and it leads to many more lies to cover up the smallest of lies.

I see those respected people who are in total control of their lives and I realize that they are happy and have nothing to hide.  How awesome!  They even have lasting relationships with those they care about.

I remember being in San Diego in 2009 and hearing the term “Expect great things to happen.” My mind instantly started thinking about the areas in my life where I should expect great things to happen.  And then I started coming in contact with people that would live out that statement.  I saw the power they had inside of them because of their mindset. It truly is wonderful to have an optimistic outlook on your daily life. Optimism leads to success because you align your goals with your desires.

Not only do you expect great things to happen… You make them happen! 

Finally, as I look around I notice that successful people have an amazing work ethic.  Not only does their work ethic back up their dreams, but they have a healthy balance between their professional life, social life and their family life. Work to accomplish goals, not to be seen!  And then all of the sudden, people start to notice your work ethic and how it equals success. An outstanding work ethic inspires others daily!

Determine never to be idle… It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing.

– Thomas Jefferson

Can it really be that easy?

Surround yourself with positive people.

Be honest with yourself and others.

Expect great things to happen.

Have an amazing work ethic.

Count me in!

I want to touch lives.

I want to be known as being honest and optimistic!

…and inspire others to do the same!